In 2014, we also have a
  very inexpensive hiking season!

You can also admire the firstWeek of August:
  "Jazzejada" the jazz festival of superlatives with 3 bands!

4 person apartment: 475 EUR - 2 person apartment: 300 EUR

The Patio El Penell, the apartment house for individualists is situated at the foot of the Pyrenees. Here you will find rest, relaxation and fresh air to recharge your batteries.

Our Patio El Penell has 6 apartments:

3 apartments for 2 persons and
3 apartments for 4 persons

It is ideally suited for groups up to max. 20 people
(Families, friends, clubs, etc.).

Ask about our special rates for groups!


Christel Foertig
Your personal contact.
She looks after you in the season.

Tel.: +49-(0)7240-942506
Fax: +49-(0)7240-942507

Patio El Penell
Carrer del Sol 10
E-17781 Vilamaniscle

Tel/Fax: +34-972-530717


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